Vita Center Goes to Event for Inspired Latinas

A week ago today, Gaby and I traveled to the New York Life building to attend an event celebrating the book launch of Volume II of the Today's Inspired Latina book series. Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, one of the authors of the book, opened the event with an inspiring speech about what it was like to be the only Hispanic female pilots in an area dominated by men, the significance of writing books, and doing what makes your heart "beep". We went with the hope of connecting with critical members of the community and other authors of the books such as Gabriela Rodil and Guadalupe Betancourt. We left with two books, several pictures, connections, and most of all, hope. All of the authors (26 I believe) spoke about personal stories or beliefs that allowed them to get where they are today. There were tears, laughter, AMEN's, and cheers from the audience. After they had all spoken, we made our way a few blocks to the after party where we got to speak more in depth with both the authors and members of the audience. The food was delicious and the conversation was rich with promise and intelligent discourse. It was an incredible experience, and made me excited for events to come. Building community across boroughs, and maybe eventually state lines, is integral in enacting change and progress. It was inspiring to be in a room filled with people who know what Vita is all about - success and how to help both yourself and others achieve it.