Vita Teachers for Children is a program that teaches the required skills and certifications needed to work in early childhood development. Learn more about how you can earn your CDA and CPR Certification with Vita by clicking the title above! 

Vita Women’s Mental Wellness

Vita Women Mental Wellness program’s mission is to engage with women of the NYC community in guiding them to mental wellness. The mental wellness programs hosts a monthly community workshop that provides individuals with information, resources and tools regarding mental health. The mental wellness program also runs a bi-weekly support group to assist individuals achieve mental wellness.

Social Services

Social Services is coming soon! Our Advocacy programs will include working directly with social workers and immigration officials in order to ensure everyone gets the help they need and are treated well and with respect. To read more about our upcoming initiatives and view helpful links, click the title above!

Workforce Development Program

Our workforce development program prepares you for the pre-interview and interview process through a step-by-step plan for success. Resume building, LinkedIn profiles, and mock interviews are just a few of the services offered through this program. To learn more, click the title above!

Vita's Women Safe Program

Vita takes pride in training women with new skills to empower them for a lifetime.  We're all about advocating for safe environments, both in public and private spaces. This intiative develops tools and approaches in response to situations of danger. With this we will be providing training and partnering with organizations that can offer assistance with emotional and physical abuse as well as a place to go for safety. We hope to create outlets for these women to express themselves and gain courage.