Social Services

Vita Center Inc. along side immigration advocates, civil advocates, and social workers are coming together to provide directly to a lot of the needs

these women may have in different communities in New York City.

Immigration applications, housing applications, food applications, and Medicaid health services advocacy, and a response to different needs with donations will be provided under this program.  

#VitaTeachersforChildren - Toy Drive 2017

The purpose of Vita Teachers for Children's Toy Drive in 2017 is to provide toys, books, and stuffed animals to the economically disadvantaged children in Family, Group Family Daycares, and Teacher Aid students of this program surrounding areas of Queens, and the Bronx, in New York City.

#VitaTeachersforChildre Toy Drive  is an initiativethat is funded by the community and allows the community to be regularly involved. Families, individuals, groups and corporate sponsors donate new or gently used toys to Vita Center Inc., we then, distribute free of charge, everything that has been collected to the most poverty stricken and needy children in  these boroughs. This distribution will include institutions such as mentioned group & family daycares, head start teacher aid's families, shelters, churches, as well as government housing complexes.