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Vita Women Mental Wellness program’s mission is to engage with women of the NYC community in guiding them to mental wellness. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans are battling with a mental illness every year, which also equals to about 44 million people. These numbers are based on the cases that are being reported, many go undocumented. Mental illness does not chose the person it wants to affect and a person does not choose to have a mental illness. However, Women tend to be more prone to developing a mental illness such as anxiety and depression. Mental illnesses can interfere with usual daily activities, the workplace and having satisfying relationships.  Through information, resources and tools, the vita team will work in groups or individual settings to better assist every person’s need.

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Vita Center would like to become a community of learning where positive relationships and one-to-one interactions unlock the best potential in every woman, child and family. We want to open doors, and create opportunities for emotional and social growth as well in our community of New York. We know that mental health has a strong correlation with emotional social health therefore we will continue to push forward with our communities!

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We will work closely with mental health professionals who are designated to aid individuals and families into a place of recovery to live there most fulfilled life. We can direct individuals to free NYC resources to help find providers for all regardless of socio-economic status. It’s important that we continue to change the culture and break the stigma regarding mental health. The more people are able to reach out when they are in need of help, the more our societies will continue to flourish. Mental wellness is possible, let’s start now.

Vita Women Mental Wellness Programs Includes:

  • Directing to resources (Mental Health Professionals)

  • Be part of the recovery models for each women in need

  • Provide a safe haven for support groups

  • Host workshops to provide information, tools, and resources.

  • Hopefully in the future start a granted funded program with advocate and counselors actively helping out the community.



Please check out our events and workshops page to sign up for our monthly events!