Our 2017 Immigrant Campaign

In light of the political climate and fear, many of our immigrant neighbors, associates, and family members have been going through major changes in their everyday life. This is why, here at Vita we want to provide the immigrant community across New York City with the ability to connect with our in-house immigration attorney and dedicated navigators with legal counsel, document preparation, application assistance and more.

With our in-house immigration attorney we will make sure to provide you with information on eligibility and document preparation. We will also focus on guiding the community by creating and strengthening relationships throughout their journey to higher opportunities of status and immigration relief.

Vita will be your #1 resource navigator in all your immigration needs. 

Legal Counsel/Services

We are happy to share that we have teamed up with an experienced attorney with over 15 years in immigration law, to provide on-site consultations and a variety of immigration services at our office. All matters are treated professionally and confidentially.

Consultations are by appointment only and a fee is charged. To make an appointment, please contact our office at (646) 748-4216. Each application has legal fees attached that covers document preparation, application assistance and attorney representation. Additional fees paid to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services may apply. 

See below for our list of services at Vita Center. If you are need of an immigration application is not listed below contact us to be directed to an immigration attorney for a full-consultation on your case. 

Services, provided in English and Spanish, include: 

  • Citizenship applications
  • Legal residence petitions for relatives such as spouses, children, parents, and siblings
  • Legal assistance with consular processing for family members intending to immigrate
  • Waivers for time of unlawful presence
  • Petitions for fiances 
  • Information about pending immigration and naturalization cases
  • Temporary Protected Status applications/renewals
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Green card renewal/replacement
  • Work authorization applications
  • Travel documents
  • Refugee/Asylee Processes

Workshop/Event - Saturday, September 23 at 10AM

Legal Resources/Referrals

Reporting Immigration Fraud

New York State District Attorneys League of Immigrant Affairs (DALIA) is committed to protecting all the residents of our counties when they become victims of crime. If you are an immigrant you have the same rights under the New York Sate of Law as any other person, no matter what you immigration status may be. 

If you or a family member you know has been a victim of immigration fraud caused by either a "notary public", also known as "notarios", or by a multi-service agency that does not have legal authority to administer legal practice contact the offices below.

1) New York County District Attorney (Manhattan Residents) Hotline: 212-335-3600

2) Queens County District Attorney Hotline: 718-286-6690

3) Bronx County District Attorney Hotline: 844-590-7226

4) Kings County District Attorney (Brooklyn Residents) Hotline: 718-250-3333

5) Richmond County District Attorney (Staten Island Residents) Hotline: 718-876-6300

6) Nassau County District Attorney Hotline: 526-571-7756

 7) Orange County District Attorney Hotline: 845-615-3640

Know Your Rights Materials

The following materials include information to consider when in contact with an ICE agent and/or basic know your rights law. 

  • You have the right to remain silent. You may refuse to speak to immigration officers
  • Carry a know-your-rights card and show it if an immigration office stops you
  • Do not open the door to your home
  • You have the right to speak to a lawyer
  • Before you sign anything, talk to a lawyer
  • Always carry with you any valid immigration document you have
  • If you are worried ICE will arrest you, let the officer know if you have children

Sometimes ICE officers lie to people in order to get them to open their doors or sign away their rights. If ICE detains you or you are concerned that they will conduct raids in your area, you MUST create a safety plan.

Helpful materials: