Why Obtaining a Higher Education Should be Considered

Graduates throwing hats.jpg

When graduating college, natural thoughts may begin to align with what seems like your big break, and the ability of being able to live and make decisions on your own. However, it can be relatively heard throughout college graduates that having their bachelor’s isn’t counting for much these days. Of course, there are many factors that may play a role in determining whether or not pursuit of their master’s is the route to go.  Most recent graduates encounter taking on entry-level positions, as they may not have any experience in their field. They are looking at a compensation of anywhere between $25,000-$45,000.  This is an average number for the majority of fields. Speaking realistically, in NYC that sounds like you might be living paycheck to paycheck especially if you’re trying to establish on your own.

With certain positions, experience can be just as valuable as having a degree. In fact some employers require you to have experience alongside a degree to even be considered as a possible candidate. The most common statement found on job requirements is “Bachelor’s required, Master preferred”. That alone symbolizes that candidates who have obtained a master’s might be first priority when “trimming the fat” as one might say and starting the interview process. This leaves graduates questioning whether furthering an education is necessary to receive considerable compensation and recognition.

Working for a non-profit whose sole mission is to inspire dreams and drive women to reach their ultimate potentials, teaches one how important it is never sell your self short of anything. It’s not to say that many people haven’t been successful without completing any college level education because they’re plenty of examples. However, if you have taken on the journey of obtaining your degree you may want to consider a master’s program. Here are a few reasons you may benefit from continuing your education aside from the fact that you can never go wrong with more learning:

  • Personal growth- you continue to develop you mind, encounter new interactions, and learn as you go.
  • Greater employment opportunities- as mentioned before, more credentials = more chances at your big break.
  • Greater career advances- not only does being a great employee put you in the seat of a possible promotion but also so does having an advanced degree. The combo is lethal.
  • Financial reward- I think we can agree that greater employment opportunities and career advances might result in higher compensation!
  • Sense of accomplishment- it will feel rewarding to know you worked hard for something. Set the standards high for family member and loved ones. Why not?
  • Greater recognition and credibility- when employers see that you went on to complete an advanced education you are giving the acknowledgement and respect that you are committed to your field of choice.

By Gabriela Mora