World Mental Health Day

Today is world mental health day and we are inspired to make a change, break stigmas and educate others. Let this day unite us under a mission that can affect everyone and anyone. There is power in numbers and together we can lift the stigma!

We would like to share some information on something that we have all faced at one point in our lives, anxiety!  As well as some tips to help keep mentally healthy.

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Know When You Are Having a Panic Attack & Get Through It

Panic and anxiety attacks are common among people living with anxiety and depression. Sometimes they occur out of nowhere and for no obvious reason. Panic attacks may feel like heart attacks, but remember it WILL pass and you can and will get through it!

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “symptoms of a panic attack include:

  • Dizziness

  • Sweating

  • Shaking or trembling

  • Fear that you are going crazy

  • Abdominal or digestive issues such as diarrhea or vomiting

  • Shortness of breath

  • Hot flashes

  • Sweating

  • Nervousness

  • Heart palpitations

  • Feeling like you are going to die

Getting through it :


Deep Breathing: Focus on your breathing! Take slow deep breaths while inhaling and exhale slowly through your mouth. Taking deep breaths will steady your body shaking and your heartbeat.

Relax Your Muscles: It’s hard being told to relax when you’re having a panic attack, but relaxing your muscles and breathing helps overcome an attack. Sit down and feel the muscles in your body relax while you breathe.

YOU are in Control : You have complete control over your body and you can end a panic attack by controlling it by breathing and releasing any tensions.

Remember to make an appointment with a therapist and/or counselor if you are experiencing anxiety. Speaking to a professional will positively affect your mental health!


10 tips for staying Mentally Healthy:

  • Practice being positive to yourself. Compliment yourself when you can. Give yourself credit when you complete or achieve something!

  • Journal or write down things you are grateful for. Journaling is actually a very proactive method in self-care practice!

  • Try your best to focus on one thing at a time. Live in the moment in other words.

  • Exercise! Keeping yourself active at least 30 minutes a day has proven to increase your level of serotonin in the brain!

  • Eat healthy! What you eat nourishes your whole body including your brain!

  • Open up to a support network. This could mean one person or a group of people. Vulnerability is the most courageous thing you could do and helps you grow as an individual!

  • Doing something for someone else can help you feel better that you are helping someone in a time of need as they might need it more than you at the moment.

  • Take a break. Know when you need to take a step back and let that self care kick in!

  • Sleep! Try getting off your phone/TV's/computer at least 30 minutes before bed and try winding down. This has proven to help sleeping patterns. Also aim for those 8 hours!

  • Love yourself! There is no one in the world that is exactly like you. Embrace yourself flaws and all because no one else can do it like you!

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There's still time to sign up for our Mental Health & Phobia workshop tomorrow.

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Vita Women Mental Wellness

Vita Women Mental Wellness program’s mission is to engage with women of the NYC community in guiding them to mental wellness. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans are battling with a mental illness every year, which also equals to about 44 million people. These numbers are based on the cases that are being reported, many go undocumented. Mental illness does not chose the person it wants to affect and a person does not choose to have a mental illness. However, Women tend to be more prone to developing a mental illness such as anxiety and depression. Mental illnesses can interfere with usual daily activities, the workplace and having satisfying relationships.  Through information, resources and tools, the vita team will work in groups or individual settings to better assist every person’s need.

Is Self-Care the Key to Confidence?


The hard truth is that confidence is a struggle for many people. If you do not feel good on the inside, it will show on the outside and vice versa. According to, mental health includes our "emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.” Mental wellness is the positive state of mental well-being. Mental wellness and self-care is one of the keys to confidence.

We have connected and partnered with Sephora to extend a hand to women with self-care, and mental wellness. Sephora is a cosmetic brand and chain of beauty stores that offer different brands of cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, and skincare. Sephora partners with a variety of organizations to help individuals look and feel their best in order to tackle major life transitions.

It has been an honor for Vita Center Inc. to be chosen as an organization to partner with them. With Sephora Queens from Queen Center mall we have been able to help women monthly entering the workforce and finishing their careers with “Classes for Confidence. Vita women and team are filled with gratitude for the inspiration to be fearless and flawless!

Further, Vita Center Inc. will like to share a few steps to take in order to feel happier and healthier to reach your mental wellness goals. Here are just a few:


Go for a walk, it can be a long walk or just around the block. Ride your bike alone or go with a friend. Make a routine and go to the gym. Physical activity will help clear your mind and body!

Clean Up

Living around clutter can easily cause stress and anxiety. Take some time out of your day to tidy up and organize your house and workspace will help get rid of the clutter and create comfort.

Avoid Negativity

Cut the negative people out of your life and steer away from negative thoughts. Negativity is a barrier that will prevent you in achieving your goals and pure happiness.

Inhale. Exhale

Life can get overwhelming and it is crucial to pause and breathe. You’re allowed to take a moment to yourself when things are overwhelming. You’ll get through it!


Wearing unwashed clothes and neglecting your hygiene and appearance will put you in an unhealthy state of mind. Lastly, but most importantly, put some effort into your hygiene and appearance. Take some time to wash your clothes and get some new ones. Do your hair and makeup before going out or just to stay at home. Looking your best will help you feel your best and put your best foot forward to achieve your goals!

Stay tuned for “Classes for Confidence" coming up in September, and our “Let’s Talk: Mental Health”3 Workshop happening in October. We would love to continue helping you reach your mental wellness goals.

Here are some pics from the event! 

By: Cindy Negapa

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness should be practiced on a daily basis. Sometimes we get so caught in all that we do including taking care of others that we forget who the most important person to take care of is, you. Without you being well it becomes difficult to carry out daily tasks or even engage in healthy relationships. Being mentally well does not mean that you won’t encounter some hardships. We all go through feelings of blues, disappointments, rejection and change. While all these emotions may be completely normal they can tend to cause anxiety, stress and uneasiness. The same way some individuals are able to overcome physical illnesses, people who practice a healthy mindset and ensure their well-being is addressed, can also overcome any stressor, adversity, and trauma. Working towards or maintaining mental wellness is a daily practice and should be as important as any other priority you have in your life.

Here are 6 major guide points for mental health:

Social Connection- Having in person relationships that inspire your growth and wellness should be crucial to your regimen.

Staying Active- Physical health and emotional health are linked together and when one is off the other might not being doing so good either. Stay active; use this as a coping method.

Managing Stress- Reward yourself when needed, even if something did not turn out the way you imagined it give yourself credit for being where you are. Make self-care a priority; self-care regimen looks different for everybody. Figure out what works for you. Talk about it, let it out.

Brain Healthy Diet- Having an unhealthy diet can impact you as far as causing your moods to change. It’s important to embrace our bodies and treat them right.

Quality Sleep- It is scientifically proven that 8 hours of sleep are beneficially to the human body. We are up for 16 hours a day and our bodies need to reboot to take on the next day. Don’t skimp yourself from that time and if you are heaving a hard time sleeping, they are techniques to help you get back on track.

Meaning & Purpose- Everyone has a purpose in this life and everyone’s is different. It is important to explore this and live out your meaning and purpose. To some of us that means being a better mother or wife, achieving your dream job, volunteering for a cause that drives you. Find your purpose!


                                                                                                             By Gabriela Mora

Why Obtaining a Higher Education Should be Considered

Graduates throwing hats.jpg

When graduating college, natural thoughts may begin to align with what seems like your big break, and the ability of being able to live and make decisions on your own. However, it can be relatively heard throughout college graduates that having their bachelor’s isn’t counting for much these days. Of course, there are many factors that may play a role in determining whether or not pursuit of their master’s is the route to go.  Most recent graduates encounter taking on entry-level positions, as they may not have any experience in their field. They are looking at a compensation of anywhere between $25,000-$45,000.  This is an average number for the majority of fields. Speaking realistically, in NYC that sounds like you might be living paycheck to paycheck especially if you’re trying to establish on your own.

With certain positions, experience can be just as valuable as having a degree. In fact some employers require you to have experience alongside a degree to even be considered as a possible candidate. The most common statement found on job requirements is “Bachelor’s required, Master preferred”. That alone symbolizes that candidates who have obtained a master’s might be first priority when “trimming the fat” as one might say and starting the interview process. This leaves graduates questioning whether furthering an education is necessary to receive considerable compensation and recognition.

Working for a non-profit whose sole mission is to inspire dreams and drive women to reach their ultimate potentials, teaches one how important it is never sell your self short of anything. It’s not to say that many people haven’t been successful without completing any college level education because they’re plenty of examples. However, if you have taken on the journey of obtaining your degree you may want to consider a master’s program. Here are a few reasons you may benefit from continuing your education aside from the fact that you can never go wrong with more learning:

  • Personal growth- you continue to develop you mind, encounter new interactions, and learn as you go.
  • Greater employment opportunities- as mentioned before, more credentials = more chances at your big break.
  • Greater career advances- not only does being a great employee put you in the seat of a possible promotion but also so does having an advanced degree. The combo is lethal.
  • Financial reward- I think we can agree that greater employment opportunities and career advances might result in higher compensation!
  • Sense of accomplishment- it will feel rewarding to know you worked hard for something. Set the standards high for family member and loved ones. Why not?
  • Greater recognition and credibility- when employers see that you went on to complete an advanced education you are giving the acknowledgement and respect that you are committed to your field of choice.

By Gabriela Mora

Culture Shock

Culture Shock

Immigrants come to a new country, or they are thrown into a foreign land, like people in the late 70’s trying to escape the Cambodian genocide, siblings were torn apart do to the quick process of immigration and they had to figure everything out on their own, far beyond what is obvious; these are the things immigrants feel self-conscious about. They alone have to figure out what opportunities or services are available to them, who are trustworthy, or what organizations are good for them. Coming to a country as an immigrant, you are already behind the eight ball, and you have to catch up to people who have been here their entire lives.

Learning Together To Teach, Together

     On August 25th, our first workshop took place with Vita Center, Inc. on How to Open Your Own Home-Based Child Care Program.

     The workshop was coordinate by our NYSELTC Trainer, Johanna Echeverria,  who helped our attendees learn about the important guidelines of starting your own childcare program and the state-required classes that go along with it.

     Some of the important things that were touched upon in the workshop included:

  • How to get acquainted and familiarize yourself with the New York State OCFS child day care regulations
  • What type of daycare program to decide on (as pictured)
  • Examples of health risks posed by environmental health hazards
  • Health care plan guidelines
  • Safety and emergency planning
  • What to know about food programs


  • Finding the need for child day care in your area

Vita Center, Inc. uses our licensed trainers and it's active staff's listening skills to attend to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs. We also use our knowledge of starting a childcare business collaboratively with you. Do you have a dream to start a childcare business? If so, Vita Care has another one of our workshops this coming October! 

Register now for our October 13 workshop here:

We hope to see you then!