Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness should be practiced on a daily basis. Sometimes we get so caught in all that we do including taking care of others that we forget who the most important person to take care of is, you. Without you being well it becomes difficult to carry out daily tasks or even engage in healthy relationships. Being mentally well does not mean that you won’t encounter some hardships. We all go through feelings of blues, disappointments, rejection and change. While all these emotions may be completely normal they can tend to cause anxiety, stress and uneasiness. The same way some individuals are able to overcome physical illnesses, people who practice a healthy mindset and ensure their well-being is addressed, can also overcome any stressor, adversity, and trauma. Working towards or maintaining mental wellness is a daily practice and should be as important as any other priority you have in your life.

Here are 6 major guide points for mental health:

Social Connection- Having in person relationships that inspire your growth and wellness should be crucial to your regimen.

Staying Active- Physical health and emotional health are linked together and when one is off the other might not being doing so good either. Stay active; use this as a coping method.

Managing Stress- Reward yourself when needed, even if something did not turn out the way you imagined it give yourself credit for being where you are. Make self-care a priority; self-care regimen looks different for everybody. Figure out what works for you. Talk about it, let it out.

Brain Healthy Diet- Having an unhealthy diet can impact you as far as causing your moods to change. It’s important to embrace our bodies and treat them right.

Quality Sleep- It is scientifically proven that 8 hours of sleep are beneficially to the human body. We are up for 16 hours a day and our bodies need to reboot to take on the next day. Don’t skimp yourself from that time and if you are heaving a hard time sleeping, they are techniques to help you get back on track.

Meaning & Purpose- Everyone has a purpose in this life and everyone’s is different. It is important to explore this and live out your meaning and purpose. To some of us that means being a better mother or wife, achieving your dream job, volunteering for a cause that drives you. Find your purpose!


                                                                                                             By Gabriela Mora