Women Are Leading the Charge

The Kauffman Report on Entrepreneurship was released Thursday, and CNBC covered some stand-out statistics in an article printed this morning.

"Women are leading the charge. They make up 40.6 percent of new entrepreneurs."

The time is now. We are coming out of the recession with hope and innovation. What will you do to add your name to a statistic worth being a part of? The article states that most people aren't becoming entrepreneurs because they are in danger of losing their jobs. They are becoming entrepreneurs because they see an opportunity in the market - for their idea or business. Opportunity entrepreneurs are also more likely to be women - 85% versus 78% percent of males. Vita Center offers opportunities in the form of valuable classes and knowledge, as well as workshops where you can learn how to open and own your own daycare center. We believe in entrepreneurship and we believe in doing it with you. How will you start building on opportunity today? To read the full article, click the title below. 

More women, millennials and minorities are becoming entrepreneurs