What Happens When You Run Out?

When your fridge is empty, you go to the supermarket. When your car is empty, you drive to the gas station. But what about your head? What happens when you run out of energy, of time, of spirit, or ideas? Another four years have passed, and the Olympics are here again. Athletes who have been working their entire lives to get where they are and have a chance for gold are flooding our screens. Part of the wonder of the Olympics is the one question we all have while watching them perform - How? We know there are ups and downs to every journey, but we don't often see everyone else's. It can be easy to view someone at the end of the road through rose colored glasses. But we know there were times when they had the same doubts. Have you achieved the goals you wanted to, or gotten further along on your path to success? And if not, is it because you have run out?

One of the most inspiring quotes I strive to live by is "Be the change you want to see." In this case, "Be the energy you want to attract." When you find yourself low on supplies, don't stay de-energized for too long! Remember that somewhere, sometime, you've already accomplished your goals. Here are some more tips (and sources) for refueling. Click the title below!

How To Stay Motivated And Accomplish Anything