Let's Talk Entrepreneurship

In today's society, entrepreneurship is fast becoming the norm. Even if you don't start your business, people are expected to come in with the necessary skills to succeed in their specific career. It is up to you to make sure you are knowledgeable before entering the workforce. This growing sense of self-innovation has caused many people to go the whole way and make it on their own. However, entrepreneurship is risky. Pitfalls come in the form of a lack of information, not a lack of drive, and can cause discouraging setbacks. Being a female entrepreneur adds an entire new dimension to that. There are extra challenges to get past. However, with the right expertise and know-how, these can be overcome or prevented all together. Vita offers workshops such as How to Open Your Own Daycare to give you advice and tips on how to avoid and overcome those very obstacles. Read this article (link below) from Ventureburn for a look into what it means to be a woman entrepreneur. 

The leap into entrepreneurship: how and when women should make it

"So this conversation about how and when women leap into entrepreneurship is not a simple, one-size-fits-all discussion. But it is one we need to keep having."