Teaching is a Life-Long Skill

Vita Center, Inc. prides itself on providing services and classes that empower women and help them succeed in the workplace or excel in their own early childhood businesses. One of the programs we offer is Vita Teachers for Children. Through the program, women and men can gain the necessary skills and certifications to work in early childhood programs. Daycare centers, group family and family daycares require providers to have certain certifications and classes such as First Aid CPR AED and 15 Hours Health & Safety which are all classes Vita center provides.

Right now we offer the following classes:

  • Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED (provided by American Heart Association)

  • 15 hrs. Health and Safety

  • 30 hour class (required by New York State)

  • CDA (120 hour) Credential

  • 45 hour CDA Renewal Course

  • Challenging Behaviors

  • Filling out the necessary books and paperwork required to open a daycare center

  • Guidance in the management of programs and how to deal with inspections.

What are the benefits of taking these classes? Vita strives to only offer programs that will have a lasting and positive impact on each individual. All of the classes we offer are designed to ensure that everyone can get ahead. A CDA Certification (Child Development Associate Certification) can help you in several ways in your career, including: 

  • Advancing your career

  • Meeting job requirements

  • Reinforcing your commitment to early childhood education

  • Providing parents with peace of mind

  • Understanding developmentally appropriate practice

  • Increasing your confidence

We also offer a course on Challenging Behaviors. The aim of this course is to examine the fundamental concepts and techniques in identifying challenging behaviors amongst children. We first examine the definition of supportive emotional and social behavior by naming specific healthy emotions, and specific social skills that promote stability in children’s behavior. We then analyze the root causes of challenging behaviors in different areas of development including emotional, social, and physical development, and how these behaviors can be detrimental to a child’s success and their development in all stages of life.

Students will learn to identify these challenging behaviors through observation and by contacting and working with professionals with assessments.  Class participants then apply strategies to prevent and reduce challenging behaviors and develop healthy social emotional intelligence in children with long term and short term goals.

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Clases también están disponibles en español.